Sain is a Science Fiction short film by Cody Duncum in which Megan designed and produced the main character’s costume. The screenplay was set in the late 1800’s, so she used unbleached muslin to create a men’s chemise and she altered a pair of existing slacks to better fit the time period. For this, her first film, she had the chance to join the production crew on set for the 12 hours it took to shoot the short film. Watching the crew members made her realize the amazing collaborative efforts of film-making and she was instantly smitten.



Brothers Cotchery


Brothers Cotchery is a short western written and directed by Cody Duncum. In this film, Megan collaborated with Duncum to design all of the character’s looks. They wanted the antagonists to have a rugged look, as if they had been wandering the woods for a bit, and for the protagonists to have a clean cut rugged look. The design was very much influenced by old western movies and folklore.



Megan made this Wilfred outfit for her brother for Halloween 2013, he won first place in a costume contest at a Rocky Horror Picture Show viewing!

David Bowie


Here is a David Bowie costume Megan created for herself for Halloween 2012, the year she finally had room for her sewing machine at her college apartment.

Barney The Elf


Tony N' Tina's Wedding


Tony N' Tina's Wedding